Solar Powered RainbowMaker - Made with double Swarovski crystals

SKU 1588-D-EU

Thanks to clever engineering and a beautiful Swarovski crystal, the rainbow maker from Kikkerland uses the sun to fill a room with rainbows. Like an active piece of art, the piece revolves when powered by direct sunlight, catching and refracting pretty bands of color. An enchanting piece for children and pets, the rainbow-maker adds cheer to any room and brightens up an interior. No batteries are necessary, and the piece includes a suction cup and a wire hanger for easy mounting. A great gift idea, versions are also available with heart and single crystals.

  • Double rainbow maker that casts rainbows around the room
  • Solar panel powers the unit to revolve and refract light in all directions
  • Genuine Swarovski crystals create maximum rainbow effect
  • Great for brightening a room; designed for Kikkerland by David Dear
  • Comes with suction cup or wire hanger
  • Dimensions: 17,8 x 5,1 x 3,2 cm

Designed By: David Dear